Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review: Fat Free With Me Seasoning Blends

Take a quick look in my spice cabinet and you can tell I love to cook.

I have dozens upon dozens of jars of seasonings. Many are single types of herbs or spices, while many are spice blends. Sure, I have all the usual blends--pumpkin pie, Italian seasoning, curry, garam masala--but I also have a bunch of less common ones, such as apple pie spice (subtly different from the aforementioned pumpkin pie) and frozen pizza seasoning, among others.

I've recently added a handful of new contenders:

The contents of these unassuming vacuum-sealed pouches pack quite a punch!

Fat Free With Me, an online weight-loss program that teaches clients about real food as part of their program, has recently started selling their own seasoning blends, which promise to "change your mind for the better about eating vegetables."

Their seasoning line currently includes eight varieties, four of which will be discussed in more detail here.

First up is Broccoli Chip, a blend of Hawaiian Alaea sea salt and dill (plus a few other spices... what, you didn't really think I'd give out the full ingredient list here, did you?!) that makes broccoli taste pretty darn awesome. Admittedly, I already think broccoli is amazing, but this blend might make it a little more palatable for those who struggle with their vegetable intake. I personally use it most on oven-roasted broccoli (the best way to cook broccoli, in my most humble opinion), but I've also tried it on kale (great on kale chips, less great on sauteed kale), broccoli rabe (yummy!), and cauliflower. One of these days, I intend to try it on roasted green beans too, and I expect the results will be delicious.

Of all of these spice blends, I have used Broccoli Chip the most. It's pretty much like a specialized version of seasoned salt that is especially well-suited to vegetables. My husband loved it too, as did my three-year-old.

Om nom nom.

Next is Baja Blend, which consists of ancho chiles, black lava sea salt (different blends use different types of salt to better complement the flavors of the other spices), and a variety of "south of the border" spices that, together, create a delicious and spicy flavor perfect for chili and a wide array of meats. I obviously can't comment about whether or not it'd be good on meat, as it's been more than ten years since I went vegetarian, but I will gladly attest to this blend being good in a variety of other ways!

I have indeed added this mix to chili, and I've also used it as the base ingredient for fajita sauce. I can basically see it as a good stand-in for taco seasoning in any context; I imagine it'd be awesome mixed into bean dip or used to season whatever you put into your tacos (I, personally, will always love chickpea tacos, and I bet this would be an amazing way to flavor those beans!). I've also used it on the vegan quesadilla-type things that I often make for lunch, which consist of tortillas, hummus, beans, salsa, and whatever veggies I happen to have on hand.

My entire family seemed to love this blend in every way I experimented with it. I'm looking forward to trying out a few new ways in the coming weeks and months!

Seafood Splash is described as "a sweet/savory spice with just a bit of kick," and is recommended for using with (not surprisingly) various types of seafood. I don't eat seafood, but I didn't let that stop me! I used this blend in a pot of homemade vegetable broth, and I whisked it into a marinade for baked tofu.

Perhaps my favorite way of using this blend (so far, anyway!) is as part of my filling for wraps: mashed chickpeas + (vegan) mayonnaise (hummus would work too) + yellow mustard + a generous dash of Seafood Splash makes a great wrap filling; just add a copious amount of veggies and a whole grain tortilla for a delicious meal.

Last of the blends I tried is Rice Spice. Made of sea salt, garlic, and a whole bunch of other yummy spices, this blend pairs perfectly with grains of all kinds. It's worth experimenting with to find your own perfect proportion of spice to rice (I liked more than the package suggested). Aside from rice, which was quite tasty with this cooked in, Rice Spice also worked great with quinoa and couscous.

I would love to eventually try to turn this blend into some kind of delicious salad dressing. I also think it could make for an amazing risotto, with carrots and some kind of leafy green mixed in. I'm always open to other suggestions, too!

If you're into cooking, I heartily recommend giving some of these seasoning blends a try. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of their potential, and I am looking forward to continuing to experiment with them. Hopefully some other fun, new recipes are in my future, thanks to these delicious blends from Fat Free With Me!

Note: I received free samples of these spice blends from Fat Free With Me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own!


  1. Thank you for the plug, Holly ^_^

    1. Thank you for the opportunity to try the seasoning blends! You have no idea how appreciative I am.