Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Autumn in San Diego

Do you have any idea how much I am loving the fact that it's finally autumn?

Actually, what I'm really loving is the fact that it feels like fall.  For part of the day, anyway.  Cold nights (I actually have to close my window sometimes!), cool mornings, cloudy days, being able to keep things opened up until lunchtime... it's glorious!

It still doesn't look particularly autumnal around here though.  A few leaves have changed color, but most of the trees are still stubbornly green.

But that's not stopping us from going out and enjoying the weather!

Also, I am a total junkie for beautiful sunrises.

Even the zoo has been getting in on the glory of fall flavors!  Pumpkins everywhere!  And apples make good jack-o-lanterns too.

Residents of the insect house like celebrating Halloween!

After two and a half years of living here, I'm still not fully adjusted to the weather.  We haven't seen any real rain yet, which makes me sad, but there's something to be said for being able to go to the beach in November.

Happy autumn, everyone!

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  1. I remember getting depressed in San Diego ... because it was sunny all the time!!!! Ha!!!! That's a tough one to explain, but this Seattle girl finds comfort in the occasional cloudy day! In Virginia, we get a pretty good variation of weather - my dad remembers it as being his favorite station growing up (San Diego, Pensacola, Virginia Beach and Seattle were the major cities he grew up in), because there were four seasons.

    I do love the change in weather. I am not one of those who craves year-round balmy breezes!

    Your pictures are gorgeous ... thank you for sharing - a little taste of the lower west coast! Nice hairy smiley face in the sand, too :)